Speed Speeder



  • Speed: 1,000-60,000 rpm
  • Torque: 0.08
  • Power: 370
  • Body outer diameter: 30


Performance graph


Comparison of size indication and detailed specifications

project content
Order No. MS01
Spindle Straight Spindle
Signal connection line Connection MKD-40
Appearance size L1 150
Appearance size L2 --
Appearance size L3 --
Weight 600 grams
Motor Type Brushless Motor
Collet/Clamping Range Collet/Clamping Range ER11 /ø0.6~ø7.0
Maximum output Power 370 watts
Speed rpm 1,000~60,000 rpm
Torque 8.82N.cm (900g.cm)
Spindle accuracy Precision Below 1μm (spindle taper shank position) under 1μm at taper shank
Bearing type Ceramic Ball
Bearing Lubrication Grease
Spindle static rigidity At 5.8μm/5kgf
Dynamic spindle thermal deformation Radial deformation 2.3μm, axial deformation 10.2μm
Cooling Type Forced air cooling
Recommended Air Pressure 0.25~0.5MPa (maximum 0.9MPa)
Air flow About 30cc / min (at air pressure 0.25MPa)