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With the growing popularity of high speed cutting machine there are two basic measurements which are accuracy and balance. The imbalance of tool holder is sourcing from mechanical property, for example, it may be caused by set screw in the tool holder of milling cutter or various depth of keyway in CAT tool holder. These causes appear randomly with no fixed rules, therefore, under any circumstances, users have to make up for the imbalance to achieve the purpose of balancing.


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Run-Out and Repeat Accuracy


The run-out accuracy refers to the deviation after the tool is fixed on tool holder.

The measuring method is to attach a testing taper to the several times length of handle's bore and rotate 360 degrees then to get the deflection.

The repeat accuracy refers to measure the changes of accuracy when handle repeats disassembled or clamped.

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Taper Accuracy


Shank accuracy refers to the close tolerance of the shank of the tool holder and the inner hole of the spindle. This tolerance level is divided into 12 levels from AT 1 to AT 12. The higher the shank tolerance level, the closer the shank of the tool holder is to the inner hole of the spindle. For example, AT3, which has an area of 85%, is better than AT4. According to the standard recommendation of ISO1947, AT3 is the most basic requirement for the shank of a tool holder.

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It is very important for the material using to manufacture tool holders to increase the tool life and stability. The quality of material used in holders is less important than the accuracy and other properties, but the high grade material is good at not only the tensile strength or tenacity but also the outstanding and dense molecular structure. Better quality material with correct processing is able to extent the tool life under the same accuracy condition so that the products will not become "consumables".

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Heat & Special Treatments


Lack of proper heat treatment, a tool holder with high accuracy and long handle life can not be achieved even with advanced material and processing equipment. Correct and excellent heat treatment can heatmaterials meanwhile with q uencher procedure to obtain high rato of martensite. The product will have excellent mechanical properties in terms of hardness, density , wearability, bending strength, tensile stress. On the other hand the wrong or poor heat treatment causes the material of low density, inhomogeneity of hardness, too large residual stress, too much austenitizing remained, grain size and density abnormal, which resulting in failure of achievement of desired mechanical properties as well as material deformation or cracks, thereby, affecting the accuracy and tool life that is the most important part of the tool holder.

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The clamping of tool holder is the clamping force of holder working on the tool, which can be measured by Nm (Newton meter). The higher Nm is the tighter clamping is to hold the tool, furthermore, the rigidity of holder is good for not slipping or loosing under harsher conditions that is also known as "tool dropping".In other words we should choose the right tool holder with enough clamping force according to different cutting conditions to ensure processing quality or extend the life of tool and machine spindles.

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