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The built-in spindle and precision tool holder manufactured by PARFAITE are the world's leading precision components, providing various solutions in major industries, whether your equipment is in aerospace, automobile, precision mold, electronics industry or other industries, we provide You get a product that works efficiently, is reliable, and is safe.

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High Speed Spindle

As the core mechanism of the machine tool, the spindle holds the key characteristics of speed and power. The high-speed spindle has high cutting rate and high feed rate during processing, which reduces the processing time and improves the production efficiency. At the same time, the high speed spindle has better rigidity and smaller vibration conditions, which promotes the finished workpiece to be processed in geometric accuracy and surface thickness excellently.


Precision Tool Holder

The tool holder is the key to connecting the spindle and the tool. Only with suitable tool holders under different processing conditions can it achieve the highest benefit with half the effort. We provide a full range of high-precision and high-quality tool holders with innovative clamping technology and mature and professional manufacturing capabilities. Providing the best solutions to meet the different requirements of customers is our continuous goal.

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PARFAITE has been leading the machinery industry with innovative technology for nearly 40 years, constantly challenging the limit of industrial precision

PARFAITE focuses on the design and production of high-speed spindles, precision toolholders and special tools with built-in motors. It is also one of the few companies in the world that can produce these three high-quality technical products at the same time. To ensure customer quality as the highest indicator, we uphold the challenge The spirit of technological limit, constantly innovating and improving technology, looking forward to bringing the machinery industry to a new era.

Precision industry promotes the revolution of the times


Hydraulic Chuck

The locking method adopts hydraulic expansion technology to quickly reach the high precision of 3µ. It also reduces cutting vibration by damping and improves production efficiency. It is the first choice for high performance and high precision tool holders.


HER Collet Chuck (High Speed)

With high rigidity 200Nm, super clamping torque, and high precision under 5μm run-out, it is a high-efficiency tool holder that can be used for heavy cutting and finishing. The clamping torque is 2.3 times larger than the general ER tool holder. The depth of cutting and feeding rate can be optimized.


Shrink Fit Chuck

The heat-shrinkable clamping structure uses induction heating to expand the inner hole for tool clamping, and then cools to achieve the clamping effect. It is especially suitable for high-speed milling processing with high speed and interference requirements.


Special Tool Holder

We can make the special tools and tool holders according to the required size of the processing workpiece. It can improve the processing efficiency, reduce the production cost, and quickly fit the requirements of processing accuracy.

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New Product Release - Grinding Wheel Tool Holder

Parfaite Grinding Wheel Tool Holder has been released for the first time at the Taipei TIMTOS Online Exhibition and Tainan CTMS Exhibition. This year's exhibition will add new specifications. If you need relevant information, please contact us. Or go to the download center to download the related catalog of grinding wheel tool holder.

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Industry 4.0. Upgrade Tool Management

The tool holder is equipped with an RFID chip, which gives the tool holder a unique ID. Using this chip, you can control the processing history and optimize the production process. In the field of tool management, the RFID system can provide complete tool parameters and reliable data communication, and the tool parameters are always saved in the data carrier (RFID Tag), which is convenient for traceability and management. To solve the problem of tool management, PARFAITE is equipped with Balluff industrial RFID system, which is more than 20 years of professional technology and worthy of trust! ※ If you want to know more about Balluff chip applications, please contact PARFAITE's business line.

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Customized Training Service

Can't you find the product you need? It doesn't matter. If you can’t find no suitable products in the catalog, we could also provide customized services. Our professional design team and senior engineers can complete customers high-precision products together.

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Maintenance service

Can't you find the product you need? It doesn't matter. If you can’t find no suitable products in the catalog, we could also provide customized services. Our professional design team and senior engineers can complete customers high-precision products together.

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Tool Holder question and answer

In the Tool handle manufacturing and application, Parfaite has accumulated long-term practical experience. In the question and answer (Q&A) feedback from customers, we have compiled common problems and pain points of users, and proposed corresponding solutions in our "Tool Handle FAQ +", if necessary, you can go to this area to find your relevant answers and services

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