Media News | May 4, 2022

Economic Daily News- PARFAITE Precision Tool Handle High Efficiency Machining Tool

2022Tainan Machinery Exhibition showcases high-end products and cutting-edge technologies to create more competitive brand value through exchanges

Economic Daily News Huang Qizhong 2022/05/04 09:54:57

PARFAITE Enterprise, which celebrates its 40th anniversary this year, is one of the few professional manufacturers in the world that can simultaneously produce three high-quality technical products of "motor built-in high-speed spindle, precision tool holder, and special tool", not only in Taiwan and mainland markets. It has achieved a leading position in technology, and has a very high market share in the global market, and its products have won unanimous praise and appreciation from domestic and foreign customers.

PARFAITE Company stated that the company cooperated with DMG MORI’s five-axis machining machine at the Tainan Machinery Exhibition site to show the performance with a real machine, and cut and displayed the “Anping Castle Lighthouse”, which is the most representative of Tainan culture. . In addition to showing the excellent and stable machining performance of the DMG machine, it also highlights the efficient machining results shown by Puhui precision tool holders and KYOCERA tools.

This year, the company has five exhibition areas: "High-speed Built-in Spindle", "Precision Tool Handle System", "Tool Management", "Tool Handle Clinic", and "Real Machine Cutting Show", which mainly introduce high-end products and communicate with the industry. technology.

In the exhibition areas of "Precision Tool Holder System" and "Cycloid Machining", Puhui, together with its partners FAHRION and BALLUFF, Germany, took "Efficient Machining & Connecting Industry 4.0" as the theme, targeting aerospace, precision molds, 3C Electronics and other industries, showcased a variety of tool holders and tool products that can improve processing efficiency; including 3μm hydraulic tool holders with vibration reduction performance, slender 3μm heat shrinkable tool holders for overcoming interference processing, and 5μm collet type tool holders with high speed and high precision. Smart high-end products.

In addition, PARPAITE has set up a special area for special tool holders and tools mainly in the automobile and locomotive industry. Customers can use this area to learn more about the processing knowledge and application of cylinder heads, crankshafts, and connecting rods, and then gradually implement the establishment of efficient processing. . This year, the new specifications of the grinding wheel handle are added, which also provides more options for customers in the field of sharpening machines, which is one of the highlights of this exhibition.

PARFAITE hopes that through this exhibition, it can share various innovative technologies and concepts with customers, and create more competitive brand value for each other through exchanges.

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